Rev.Jim's Favorite Telnetable BBS's

If you don't see your favorite BBS listed here, or if you find a listing for a dead BBS, click on the link at the end of the page and e-mail me the info about it. Updated February 29, 2004. If you've been here recently you might have to click the Refresh button on your browser to see recent updates.

Telnetable BBS's

BBS Name Description Telnet Address
Doug's Den BBS No Description Available
FamilyNet Dallas No Description Available
Hall of Fame BBS No Description Available
Hard Drive Café BBS No Description Available
Hellas BBS No Description Available
Prison Board BBS Click here for description!
sdf public access unix system Click here for description!
Simsbury Online BBS Click here for description!
Sanatorium BBS No Description Available
Starship Junkyard BBS No Description Available
Vampyre's Heaven BBS No Description Available
X-bit BBS No Description Available
Xanadu BBS No Description Available
Zeta-NET BBS Click here for description!

Attention Sysops!!!

I am hoping to add descriptions to the listings here soon. If you want to add either add your board or a description for your board,click the e-mail link on the bottom of the page. I will verify all new listings and descriptions by calling your board and leaving a message to the sysop.

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