KloneZone Mac
(817) 367-2517

The KloneZone Mac was established in November of 1992 to support the users of Apple II, Macintosh, Newton and Power PC as well as MS-DOS/Windows, Unix, and other computer platforms. It has an array of over 350 message areas with local, state-wide, regional, national and international distribution which cover technical, recreational, political, educational, and business-related themes. Items of interest to virtually anyone can be found on the system. Access to networked feeds supporting Commodore-Amiga, Apple II, Macintosh, CP/M, DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Unix are available to its users.
The Klonezone system is also accessible via the internet using either telnet or web browser, as well as by the TeleFinder/User graphical user interface software for Mac or Windows. The client software is also available from the web page or via a TCP ANSI/TTY term program that knows how to handle Zmodem.

Daniel O'Leary Admin/WebMaster, KloneZone Mac BBS
Snail Mail: 532 Verna Trail North,
Fort Worth TX
USA 76108
Phone: (817)367-2558 (Voice)
(817)367-2517 (Dial-in)
Inet: Daniel_O'

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