Rev.Jim's Dallas-Fort Worth Area BBS List

Sorry about the delays in updating the BBS list. Rev.Jim's life has been kinda crazy lately. If you don't see your favorite BBS listed here, or if you find a listing for a dead BBS, click on the link at the end of the page and e-mail me the info about it. Most listings here were verified active February 2004. If you've been here recently you might have to click the Refresh button on your browser to see recent updates.

214 Area Code BBS's

BBS Name Description Phone Number
Discovery BBS No Description Available (214) 333-5385
Eclectic BBS Click here for description! (214) 987-2135

972 Area Code BBS's

BBS Name Description Phone Number
Computer Connection No Description Available (972) 680-2461
Dumb Guy's BBS No Description Available (972) 234-5790
FamilyNet Dallas Click here for description! (972) 496-0650
LW*Net...Private Network Click here for a description! (972) 230-0034
Mars Den BBS Click here for description! (972) 276-6721
Prison Board BBS Click here for description! (972) 329-0781
Starship Intrepid EBBS No Description Available (972) 221-4088
Star Streams No Description Available (972) 938-7115
Zeitgeist Bulletin Board No Description Available (972) 403-9406

Metro 817 Area Code BBS's

BBS Name Description Phone Number

817 Area Code BBS's

BBS Name Description Phone Number
Antilepsis No Description Available (817) 457-7435
Citylites BBS No Description Available (817) 249-5215
Down Home BBS New Listing 11/2003 (817) 648-0439
KloneZone Mac Click here for description! (817) 367-2517
The Last Starfighter No Description Available (817) 431-6484
Night Lights BBS No Description Available (817) 428-1642
The Ratz Nest No Description Available (817) 447-1619
Suzie's Room BBS No Description Available (817) 465-2761

Metro 940 Area Code BBS's

BBS Name Description Phone Number

940 Area Code BBS's

BBS Name Description Phone Number
The Chatterbox No Description Available (940) 648-9115
The Mezzanine Click here for Description (940) 565-9165
Stabbin Cabin No Description Available (940) 380-1303

Lotsa thanks to Dr. Clu for help in most recent updates.

Attention Sysops!!!

If you want to add either add your board or a description for your board,click the e-mail link on the bottom of the page. I will verify all new listings and descriptions by calling your board and leaving a message to the sysop.

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