The Mezzanine BBS & Mac User Group
(940) 565-9165

The Mezzanine BBS & Mac User Group began operation on June 18, 1991, as "Warp One BBS," later renamed "The Mezzanine." The Mezzanine may be one of the few remaining (Hermes II) dialup Mac BBSs in the USA today. Also accessible via Telnet. The Mezzanine is a hobbyist BBS featuring a substantial collection of Macintosh shareware, freeware and public domain files. Several file directories for DOS, Windows and Atari users are also available. Owners of "early" Macintoshes running System versions 7.0, 6.0.x or earlier should check out the "Vintage Mac CD-ROM" file area. It is also the home of the Denton Area BBS List.
(1:393/11 FidoNet)
Sysop: Walter Bowen

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